Template-based Intelligent Documentation Assistant

Artificial Intelligence comes to medicine! Tempida is the first AI-based documentation and workflow automation app for medicine. Tempida works with any EHR system and cuts documentation time by more than 50%.

Introducing Tempida!

Recent studies have shown that physicians spend over 50% of their clinical time documenting on EHR systems instead of seeing patients. Tempida was designed by physicians to dramatically reduce documentation time and improve efficiency by allowing physicians and other healthcare providers to create user-programmable smart templates that can create even complex medical documents with only a few clicks. Tempida consists of two components – Tempida Documenter and Tempida Autopilot. Tempida Documenter is an AI that runs in a web-browser and  can be used with any EHR system to create clinic notes, hospital notes, op notes, or any text-based medical documentation. Tempida Autopilot is an AI-based workflow application that automates all clicks and data entry required to perform tasks like checking out a patient in any EMR.


Works with any EHR/EMR system

Tempida works with your existing EHR system to dramatically speed up and simplify medical documentation using intelligent, user-created templates.

Cloud and

This means that there’s no software to download and install so you can use Tempida on any computer with a web browser including hospital computers.

Designed by physicians

Tempida was designed by physicians, not computer programmers, so it’s simple and easy to use.

Universal sharing of templates

Not all physicians want to take the time to create medical documentation templates from scratch. Tempida allows for nation-wide sharing of templates so that you can leverage work already done by your colleagues.

Incredibly fast

Let’s face it, physicians and other healthcare providers are trained to see, diagnose, and treat patients—not spend their valuable time in front of a computer documenting. That's why Tempida was built for speed.

User programmable

Tempida is fully programmable by users to suit their practice style. Healthcare providers can create highly customized templates specifically for their own practice. Templates can be stored either publicly or privately.

reduces the need for dictation and typing

Complex, patient specific notes can be generated with only a couple of clicks.

Eliminate expensive scribes

Because EHR systems have become so complex and cumbersome, many practices have resorted to hiring scribes. Tempida alleviates the need for this.

Watch the demo video

Take control and simplify your medical documentation. Start using Tempida now!